A few quick reminders:

¬ All students are expected to be seated in their 1st period classroom by 8:15am. 


¬ No hats or headgear are allowed to be worn at any time in the entire school building. Exceptions are made for religious observations.


¬ Students are only allowed to go to their lockers 4 times a day. They can access their lockers before 1st period, before 4th period, after 4th

    period and after 7th period.

¬ Students are allowed to carry their cell phone but it must be turned off and put away during class. Students are free to use the phones

    in the main office if they need to contact a parent or guardian. Parents can also call the main office if they need to get in touch with

    their child. The direct number is (212) 675-6206. 

¬ Students must carry their school ID with them at all times. Students will be asked to swipe in every time they enter the school building,

   even after lunch. 

¬ Please note that the O.Henry campus (except inside classrooms) is under video surveillance at all times. 

 Also, please contact Ms. Skirianos for information on any of the following topics related specifically to Museum School:


Please contact Ms. Skirianos for any discipline related concerns or questions. All academic concerns or questions should be directed to child's

guidance counselor.

Identities Module

Please contact Ms. Skirianos if you have questions regarding the 9th grade Identities Module. 


Lockers are specifically assigned to each student. If you are interested in changing lockers for any reason, please contact Ms. Skirianos

immediately. Please remember, all lockers are the property of the New York City Department of Education (NYC DOE). As per the chancellor's

regulations regarding locker use, the school has the right to search lockers if there is resonable suspision that the locker may contain an item

that is in direct violation of the NYC DOE's regulation on discipline. 

Student Government

Ms. Skirianos is the staff advisor for Museum School's Student Government. SG meetings are held in the dean’s office on

Mondays from 2:35pm -4:00pm.

Coordinator of Student Activities (COSA)

Ms. Skirianos is Museum School's COSA. Please contact her for any questions, concerns or ideas regarding student activities. 

Yearbook Club

Seniors: The yearbook site is www.walsworthyearbooks.com. Please see Ms. Skirianos if you do not have your personalized

login information.


Chorus - Greenwich House Music School

Ms. Skirianos is the staff advisor for our new Chorus class. Class meets in the auditorium on Wednesdays from 2:35pm - 4:00pm. 

MSC- Museum Social Club

Ms. Skirianos is the staff advisor for the Museum Social Club. Meetings are Tuesdays from 2:35pm - 3:50pm.


Ms. Skirianos is the administrator for our school's website.

Graduation Ceremony

Ms. Skirianos is the coordinator for our school's graduation ceremony held at Columbia University. 


Please contact Ms. Skirianos for information about anything posted in our weekly announcements. 

Student ID/MetroCard/Face-to-Face Letter

If a student needs a replacement ID, Metrocard, or a Face-to Face letter, please find the replacement forms in front of room 222

and hand it in to Ms. Prieto in the main office, room 222.